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Concrete Raising

There are many reasons for sinking and shifting concrete. Poor initial compaction of the sub-base, freezing and thawing, soil erosion or water penetration creating voids underneath the surface of the slab, causing it to shift and settle.

How it’s Done
Also known as slabjacking, mudjacking, concrete lifting, concrete leveling, slab lifting, slab raising & concrete raising. Raising the sunken concrete is accomplished by drilling a series of 1-1/4″ holes through the slabs. Stabilizing grout material is pumped under the slab filling the void, pressurizing and hydraulically raising the sunken slab to its original height. The consistency of the material can be made according to different conditions at each job site. Once the slabs are raised, the grout material hardens providing a stable sub-base that won’t erode or settle. The holes are then patched with cement.

The Result
The result is stabilized and level concrete that can be used right away.

Void Filling/Stabilization

Excess water penetration can cause the fill under a slab to be washed away creating voids. Animals digging and other previously mentioned circumstances can also cause voids to occur beneath the surface of a slab. In some cases the slab has not yet settled but is significantly weakened and potentially dangerous due to its hollowness and high risk of cracking and/or sinking.

How it’s Done
Cement grout material is pumped under the slab using hydraulic pressure which compacts the loose and unstable sub-soil, then fills the void areas. This process stabilizes and strengthens the slab, preventing future settlement.

The Result
The result is concrete with a stable sub-base that will not erode and sink.


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