Raising your concrete is less half the cost of replacing your concrete.
With today’s economy why pay more?

  • Water running towards your foundation? Raising your concrete to its original slope will let that water drain away from your house.
  • Replacing your concrete can be time consuming, inconvenient and can often incur additional costs. Slabjacking is a cleaner and more efficient process. We save you time and money.
  • Our material stabilizes the sub-base preventing further erosion and sinking.
  • Slabjacking/concrete raising increases the load bearing capacity of a slab due to the fact that our material is much stronger than the original sub-base.
  • Our material is environmentally friendly.
  • Void filling strengthens the slab providing a solid base that will not allow for future settlement.
  • Mudjacking/concrete raising can be performed on any concrete surface.
  • Eliminates liability issues and tripping hazards.
  • Minimal site disturbance.
  • Most residential projects are completed within a day.
  • Your concrete is ready to use immediately after. Vehicles can be driven on 48 hours after the procedure.